Saturday, 31 August 2019

Making Sense Of Time

Time is meaning construed by consciousness of experience of the non-semiotic domain, specifically as the dimension of the unfolding of processes in:
  1. the 'outer' material-relational domain, and
  2. the 'inner' mental-verbal domain of consciousness.
With regard to the material-relational domain, Einstein's Theory of General Relativity reconstrues time as a dimension whose intervals, along with the intervals of space, gradually contract with proximity to the centre of a massive body (gravity as the curvature of space-time) and whose intervals are otherwise gradually expanding (the expanding universe).

Discussions of time typically confuse time (the dimension) with the measuring process (e.g. a clock ticking), as in the expression 'time slows down' in circumstances where time intervals expand.

The notion of objects "travelling" through time is based on a category error.  To "travel" from time A to time B is to persist from time A to time B. Locomotion only applies to the three dimensions of space.

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